10408923_10153003963749622_8349708768782591168_nI’m a full-time human being and a part-time athlete. Just over two years ago, I trained for my first 5K and realized that I might be a more than a little bit into long-distance running. Two half marathons, several running races and a triathlon later, I came to grips with the fact that one sport per race simply isn’t enough. Triathlon pushes limits, accepts athletes of several disciplines, and frankly, makes everyone else think you’re kind of crazy. It’s a sport that helps you grow, and that’s why I want to grow the sport by bringing it to UIC. I’m pretty stoked to be the Cycling and Triathlon Club President, MECTC representative but most importantly, a UIC triathlete.




I’m a freshman in the Computer Science program. I lived all my life in Mexico City where I started training for my first triathlon with Al Punto Sport. What started as a hobby quickly became my passion and now not a single day goes by without me working out. I’ve done 6 triathlons since I started in August 2013. What I love most about this sport is the feeling of always competing against yourself, trying to improve everyday and breaking your personal bests… and post race parties.





LEAD TRAINER: Michael J. Litzenberg

MichaelJI am a senior in the Kinesiology program here at U.I.C., with a focus on health promotion. I began training in martial arts when I was nine and have been lucky enough to have competed on a local and national level in Tae Kwon Do, and Wu Shu. In 2010 I was introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and have been training to compete ever since. In December 2013 I had reconstructive surgery to my knee and have spent the last year carefully rehabbing. I am now cleared to start a full running program, and hope to complete my first 5k this spring using the same methods we intend to train the club with.



10899631_796484557085175_1427275271_nOn June 29th, of 2009, I was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident. I broke both femur bones, and a compound fracture of my right humerus tore out 2/3 of my biceps muscle. I suffered multiple facial, cranial and spinal fractures. I bruised my lungs, lacerated my spleen and lost the bottom half of my left leg. On June 29th, 2014 I spent the day relaxing in recovery not from a motorcycle accident, but from competing in a triathlon for team USA! As your coach for the UIC cycling and triathlon team, I’ll help you understand that just like your college degree, training for triathlons can seem endless. But when just when you’re ready to call it quits or tell yourself that you can’t, just know that I’m here to tell you that you CAN.


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