Lecture on Triathlon Training

Hey Club!

So I know many of you have questions as to why strength training is so important to our training. Initially I was going to post so research articles for you to look at and form your own opinion. Then it dawned on me that many of you do not have the time, or interest in research articles to the extent that I do. So I found a compromise. Here are some videos of lectures that explain, research backed opinions on some of the techniques and philosophies we’ve been using. Personally I am a nerd. I will put videos like these on while I clean the house as a background, that way I don’t get bored staring at a lecture. Try them out, let me know what you think, and if the club wants I will find and post more.

You will need to use your UIC Library sign in to view theses:


For this lecture the important tracks to understand are:

Why Do Most Endurance Athletes Perform Resistance Training? (28:43)

Recommendations for Endurance Athletes


I really like this lecture, but please keep in mind this guy is funded and supported by TRX, some of his specific Training methods focus on that, but overall he delivers some great tips, especially on the swimming portion of competition.






Wednesday Workout 1/21: Fitness Assessments!

At the upcoming meeting on Wednesday, January 21st, we will be doing practical fitness assessments to get baselines for club members. These assessments will then be used to program personalize training parameters.

Our trainers will be assessing lower limb power (bike), Strength (programming), muscular endurance (swimming), speed (running), recovery time (transitions), and flexibility.

In order to get accurate results, participants are asked not to engage in strenuous physical activity for 24 hours prior.

Wednesday will be an important day! If club members cannot make it, please contact Michael Litzenberg at mlitze2@uic.edu or Levi Kane at lkane4@uic.edu and they will try their best to find time to do the assessments.

Hope to see you all on Wednesday!

COME MEET US: Details about our first meeting and upcoming events

Hello UIC!

To kick off the semester and the upcoming year of racing and training, we will be having our first team session on Wednesday, January 14th from 5:30 – 7pm in Room B15 of the Physical Education Building (PEB)! Bring yourself, bring your friends, bring some guy in your discussion section who you think might be interested. We will be going over membership details, the upcoming race season, and having a strength+conditioning workout led by our lead and assistant trainers (check ’em out in the “About the Team” tab on the left. They’re pretty great.)

If you don’t know if you’ll be able to make it to the first meeting, don’t despair! Come check us out and meet us in on Thursday, January 15th from 4-7pm at the Student Recreational Facility in the MAC Gym. We will be present at the Sport Club Recruitment fair along with a bunch of other wonderful sport clubs — but we know you’re especially looking forward to meeting the CycleTri Team (don’t worry, your secret is safe with us).

And, as always, feel free to email ashah210@uic.edu for more details, answers to your lingering questions, or for interesting tidbits. There’s no shortage of tidbits.

Happy semester!


UPDATE: Happy New Year from the CycleTri Team!


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Cycling and Triathlon Team at UIC has been reestablished! Except, well, there weren’t any ashes and it was more like a sleepy bird getting up from a long nap — but we are back nonetheless, and better than ever. We will be training together and racing together starting this semester, so get ready.

Pardon our dust as we work to get this site updated and polished. It’s been a while.

Interested in joining, training, competing or all three of those things? Comment on this post or email ashah210@uic.edu

5 Ways to Build Mental Toughness

This slide presentation was given at the Mid West Fit Fest held at the Student Recreation Facility at the University of IllinoisJian Cheng Chicago in Spring 2014.

5 Ways to Develop MT 4

Books you might find useful to learn more about mental toughness.

Atwood, Meredith. (2012). Triathlon for the Every Woman: You can be a triathlete. Yes. You. New York: Tricycle Books.

Friel, Joe. (2012). Your First Triathlon, 2nd Ed.: Race-ready in 5 hours a week. Colorado: Velopress Publishing.

Golding, Dan. (2010). Triathlon for Beginners: Everything you need to know about training, nutrition, kit, motivation, racing, and much more. CreateSpace Independent Publishing.

Selk, Jason. (2008). 10 Minute Toughness: The mental training program for winning before the game begins. New York: McGraw-Hill Publishing

Taylor, Jim & Schneider, Terri. (2006). The Triathlete’s Guide to Mental Training. Colorado: Velopress


Winter Workout Wednesdays

This year we are reigniting winter work outs starting on Wednesday January 14, 2015 in PEB B15 from 5:30pm-7:00pm. We did this for two seasons (took a break last year) and we are bringing back the cycling and triathlon specific workouts for current and new club members. Students and faculty from the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition will be supervising and leading the program. Contact ashah210@uic.edu for more information.

Wednesday Winter Workout Schedule

Wednesday January 14, 2015 5:30pm-7:00pm to March 18, 2015.

Location: Physical Education Building (PEB), 901 W. Roosevelt Rd. B15 (Dept. of KN, Strength and Conditioning Room)

Getting On Track

The UIC Cycling and Triathlon Club is getting itself back on track. We will be updating the site more regularly. We will soon announce the winter indoor training program details for 2015 held in the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition. The program will be faculty supervised and tailored to cycling and triathlon. Come back and see the updates soon.